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Set of 3 Video Warrior Canvases

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Oh my user! Behold this set of 3 acrylic prints of the TRON video warrior rear graphic with identity disc!

This is the first run, and I'm limiting it to 10 sets for 2019. Each set is numbered and signed. Get yours now in time for Christmas!

Each print is 16" tall on a white triple-primed 12"x24" canvas with wooden frame.

Screen printed in three colors: Infiltrator Red, Prop Costume Black, and Tron Blue! Infiltrator Red is for Kevin Flynn when he transforms to blend in with Sark's troops. Prop Costume Black is in honor of the actual prop costumes as crafted and used in filming. Tron Blue is for Tron — he fights for the users!

You will not find these anywhere else! I screen print these myself, using graphics painstakingly hand-digitized from TRON movie stills and actual prop costumes. These prints will look amazing when displayed on your wall as-is or framed as you see fit!

Get your 1-of-10 for 2019 now — once they're gone, they're gone!