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TRON Fan Comics

Featuring Tron, Flynn, and Sark, these Diamond Select Toys action figures boast 16 points of articulation and highly authentic graphics. Initially available only at Walgreens stores, I picked up a set and am creating TRON fan comics with them - enjoy!

TRON: End Cycles, ep.1

What is Flynn thinking? What will Sark do? Can Tron save us?

Screenplay - TRON: End Cycles ep.1

TRON: End Cycles, ep.2

Is Tron outmatched? Can Flynn stop this? Where are the users?

Screenplay - TRON: End Cycles ep.2

TRON: End Cycles, ep.3

What the bit is going on?!? Can Flynn save the programs? Will Sark help them?

Screenplay - TRON: End Cycles ep.3