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Greetings, Programs!

Welcome to my Tron sector. I do classic Tron cosplay and screen-printed Kevin Flynn T-shirts. Subscribe to my YouTube channel featuring D.D., my original Tron-inspired program. You can also watch the T-shirt screen printing process.

Memory Guard

You'll need Group 7 access to bypass the memory guard to read private memory files beyond this point. Become my patron on PATREON or buy a shirt and you'll obtain Group 7 access!

Obtain Group 7 Access!

Because somewhere...in one of those memories...is the evidence!


Videos — Updated July 22, 2019
On the other side of the screen...are the commercial-free videos for Group 7 users!

Rerezzing Yori — Updated May 29, 2019
This memory file has the data on digitizing the graphics for Yori's costume. So far, we have the chest graphic and the back graphic.

The Source — Updated January 6, 2019
Boy, you forget how good the power feels, till you get to a pure source! This private memory file contains source code and notes for converting my "green screen" videos into things more Tron-like.

Rerezzing Kevin Flynn — 2017 San Diego Comic-Con
A cosplay celebrating the 35th anniversary of 1982's classic sci-fi/fantasy movie Tron. Replete with details and photos, this memory file will guide and inspire you in creating all 10 pieces of this costume.

Tron's (1982) Kevin Flynn — 2016 San Diego Comic-Con
My first cosplay! Many photos and much fun reside within this memory file!