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Greetings, Programs!

Welcome to my Tron sector. I do classic Tron cosplay and screen-printed Yori & Kevin Flynn T-shirts. Subscribe to my YouTube channel featuring DD, my original Tron-inspired program.

Greetings, San Diego Comic-Con 2019! (HD & 4K here)
July 22, 2019

Memory Guard

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Because somewhere...in one of those memories...is the evidence!


The Source — Updated August 16, 2019
Boy, you forget how good the power feels, till you get to a pure source! This private memory file contains source code and notes for converting my "green screen" videos into things more Tron-like.

Videos — Updated July 28, 2019
On the other side of the screen...are the commercial free videos for Group 7 users - now in HD and 4K!

Rerezzing Yori — Updated May 29, 2019
This memory file has the data on digitizing the graphics for Yori's costume. So far, we have the chest graphic and the back graphic.

Rerezzing Kevin Flynn — 2017 San Diego Comic-Con
A cosplay celebrating the 35th anniversary of 1982's classic sci-fi/fantasy movie Tron. Replete with details and photos, this memory file will guide and inspire you in creating all 10 pieces of this costume.

Tron's (1982) Kevin Flynn — 2016 San Diego Comic-Con
My first cosplay! Many photos and much fun reside within this memory file!