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SDCC 2017 - Tron (1982), Kevin Flynn's Unitard

A special thank you to Rosanna Norton (here and here) for pointing me in the right direction for working on the unitard! Rosanna is a costume designer who was nominated (along with Elois Jenssen, deceased) for Best Costumes during the 55th Academy Awards for her work on Tron.


I emailed Rosanna to ask her about how they did the unitard designs. She said "We silkscreened the leotards in the Disney paint shop. I cut the screens myself and we had to stretch the leotards while we printed them."

I've never screen printed anything before, but after watching several YouTube videos on the subject, I think the best way will be to use emulsion sheets, which allow you to design your templates in any graphics program. Essentially, you take your digital design, print the negative version onto a transparency, then place that transparency over an emulsion sheet and expose to light for a short time. The resulting emulsion sheet can then be ink-screened onto the garment.

I'm using GIMP and photos of the original prop costume (Nate Sanders Auctions) to recreate the unitard's line art. Using the paths tool, I started having fun with how the lines looked "blinky" - and even blue (as GIMP highlights path elements in blue) - as if from some control panel that might have been in the movie.

Below is my video mixed with Wendy Carlos' Water, Music, and Tronaction from the Tron 1982 soundtrack.